The Spit Take
"Reggie Watts isnt exactly a comedian. Hes a funny man, yes. A funny, distinctive-looking man who does ridiculous and sometimes hilarious things onstage, sure, but hes not a comedian. Hes a musician, too. Not a musician who strums an acoustic guitar and tells bad jokes over simple chords like many a hack."
The Guardian
"His reputation is as one of the hippest experimental performers in comedy, so imagine my surprise when Reggie Watts starts his set with a routine cribbed from northern club comic Norman Collier, whose broken-microphone shtick was a feature of 1970s TV. To be fair to the New York-based Watts, microphones play an integral role in his comedy, which mixes standup with beatboxing, trip-hop and sonic noodling. It's different from anything else you'll see; almost different enough to obscure the fact that a loop pedal is not a wholly adequate substitute for jokes."
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