Reggie Watts (born March 23, 1972) is a Brooklyn-based comedian and musician. His shows are mostly improvised and consist of stream of consciousness stand-up in various shifting personae, mixed with loop pedal-based a cappella compositions. He performs regularly on television, radio, and in live theater. His comic skills come into play in improvisational performance, as well as performance of written music. Watts currently appears as the sidekick on the IFC talkshow Comedy Bang Bang, which began airing on June 8, 2012.

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  1. Born: 1972
  2. Graduated Highschool: 1990
  3. Moved to Seattle: 1990
  4. Moved to New York: 2004
  5. First solo album released: 2004
  6. Starred in Comedy Bang! Bang!: 2012
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